12 Days Revolution of Consciousness


Revolution of Consciousness:  12 Days of Aries beginning at sundown the night before
Aries: Day 1
March 21, 2015
Courageous and intellectual, people born under the sign of Aries have a fiery and youthful approach to life. As the first of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Aries is the “the child of the universe,” and, perhaps accordingly, Aries people are known for their impulsivity and their “it’s all about me” attitude. Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars is the planet of war so people born under this sign can be reactive to anger.

In the Kabbalah Centre, we learn that there is only one way to respond to anger, and that is to learn how to be proactive—to take the situation to another level. It means that when the other person is angry, we don’t take on their anger. We pause for a second and instead of reacting, we say, “I might be right or I might be wrong. Let’s see how we can talk this thing through.” In this way, we are walking away, both physically and emotionally, from the other person’s reactivity, while restricting our own.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Before acting in a situation, either positive or negative, ask the Light to guide you.  Meditate on an event within the last year where you reacted with anger and see how you could have changed the situation if you had been more proactive.

External: Actions You Can Take,

Ask someone to help you with something that you already think you have the answer for.  Do something youthful like sitting on a swing in a park or going for a run.  Do something for someone else before you do something for yourself. –
See more at: http://livingwisdom.kabbalah.com/first-12-days-aries-day-1#sthash.65T4Xyuz.dpuf
Taurus Day 2
March 22, 2015
The first adjective that usually comes to mind to describe the Taurean is stubborn. They are resistant to change, not because they fear the future but more because they find life so comfortable where they are at the present. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you cuddle up in a place that’s warm and secure and you say to yourself with a contented sigh, “Why move?” But then after a while, you inevitably find yourself asking, “How can I ever get myself out of here?” 

Still, Taurus is a sign that knows what it wants, and it insists on getting there. And once a Taurean gets moving on something, he or she is likely to have the most endurance and perseverance of all of the signs of the zodiac.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Find an area in your life where you are very stubborn. Visualize what would happen if you were to let go of that stubbornness.

Look for a situation where you are stuck and figure out the first step you can take to move forward to get out of that situation.

External: Actions You Can Take

Find a way to actively share with another person you don’t know.

Get out of your comfort zone: Wake up an hour early, go to the gym, do those tasks at work that you’ve been putting off.

Use the energy of perseverance that is available to see a positive action through from start to finish.
Gemini Day 3
March 23, 2015
Gemini is an air sign, and as with all air signs, the focus for those born under Gemini is the intellect. People born under this sign can usually be found seeking new sources of information. They make perfect “spiritual surfers,” and they often find it hard to stay in one place for very long because they get bored easily and have a hard time with commitment and focus. Charismatic and confident, Gemini people are capable of doing a lot and are fantastic politicians, although they usually can’t be bothered with details.  

One spiritual mission of the Gemini is to realize that intellect is nothing without action. In other words, we can study to the moon and back, but if we don’t do anything good with what we’ve learned, then what’s the point?

Internal: Change Your Consciousness
Find something in your day where you have to trust the Light, not your intellect.
Find an area in your life where you need to be patient with yourself or someone else. Work on developing patience.
Look for an aspect in your life where you lack confidence and figure out what would give you the confidence you need to improve that aspect.

External: Actions You Can Take
Tie up as many loose ends as possible: Finish the book you’ve been reading for a while or complete a project (even a small one).
Make an effort to see and care about the details of whatever task or situation you are currently dealing with: Make that extra phone call, re-read that email before you send it, etc.
Use your charismatic nature to be nice to someone you don’t know. Make that person smile.

Cancer Day 4
March 24, 2015
Cancerians can be one of the most sensitive groups of all the signs of the zodiac. In fact, one of their spiritual missions here is to find a way to balance their strong emotions. It’s all too easy for Cancerians to fall into moodiness, so they often form a sort of “shell” to protect themselves from getting hurt. This is one reason why it’s so appropriate that the animal representing Cancer is the crab.

Have you ever seen a crab walk? A crab can only walk sideways. One of the spiritual tasks for a person born under the sign of Cancer is to open up and to face people and situations head-on (in other words, not to walk sideways or beat around the bush). Cancerians need to build the certainty that if they go forward and put their heart into something, the energy will come right back to them. With this certainty, they can let go of the fear that keeps them from taking risks and from letting go of what seems to be safe.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness:

Today, make a conscious effort to live in the present moment by not reliving the past or calculating what is going to happen in the future.

Recognize one of the fears that is holding you back from your potential (it could be related to work, relationships, money, success, etc.) and try and find whatever you need to help you to eliminate that fear.

Identify one situation you are avoiding and do one thing to face it head-on.

External: Actions You Can Take

Share an emotional experience with someone; it may help them open their heart.

Make a list of all of the things and people in your life that you usually take for granted and then tell one person on that list how you feel about them.
Leo Day 5
March 25, 2015
Leos, even the quiet ones, generally have a strong personality. When a Leo enters a room, people can feel his or her presence. By nature magnanimous and generous, Leos like to be acknowledged and praised, and knowing this, it’s no surprise that the sun governs this particular month. Because the sun is the preeminent power in our universe, Leos are often born with this feeling of being sort of God-like. When friends or family are faced with problems, a Leo might say something like, “I know exactly what your problem is and I know how to answer it. I know what you have to do to make things right.” 

Now there’s no question that many times, we all believe that we know better than everybody else. What we often forget, however, is that a truly spiritual person steps aside, listens, and helps others learn for themselves what their problems are. Therefore, one of the spiritual tasks of the Leo is to learn that there are two conditions that must be met before anyone can tell another person what to do: (1) We are sure they will listen, and (2) we love them.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Explore areas where you might be misusing your strength. Look into how you can use it to help others, not to dominate them.

Look for areas in your life where you are consistently trying to be the center of attention. Make a conscious effort to see how it would be if you pulled back from the limelight.

External: Actions You Can Take

Pause before you speak, whether in a positive or a negative situation. Think about where you are coming from. What’s your motivation? Why do you want to say what you want to say? Ask yourself if it would really help the situation if you said this?

Give something to a place or person in need, but do so anonymously and without strings attached.

Try to find an opportunity to be empathetic and take a few moments to understand the perspective of the other person.
Virgo Day 6
March 26, 2015
Have you ever been in a situation or a relationship where, despite all your efforts to the contrary, all you can seem to do is find things that are wrong the other person? This is the energy of the Virgo.

People born under the sign of Virgo tend to have a critical eye and are capable of noticing the minutest details. They seek perfection in all things, from style and dress to their life's work. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for a Virgo to accept and appreciate the way things are because they have a constant desire for everything around them to be perfect. The problem here is that when we seek perfection, we often end up with the imperfect. Moreover, we need to remember that we were created as human beings, not as angels. We are here to make mistakes and grow, not to be perfect. The Creator is the only One Who can be perfect and produce perfection.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Spend today noticing where you might be too critical of others—and of yourself.

Look at one area of your life (a person or situation) where you are very judgmental and try to understand the person or situation, not judge them.

External: Actions You Can Take

Recognize three positive things each about three people in your life in whom you usually see only the bad. Find a simple and sincere way to tell them what you’ve discovered in a way that they will hear it.

Write down 10 positive aspects about your current situation (your work, living arrangements, relationships, or family).

Seek out an opportunity where seeing the details might be really helpful to someone (editing a letter, helping to clean something, etc.)
Libra Day 7
March 27, 2015
As you may know, the month of Libra is represented by the balance scales, and truly, the idea of balance is one of the most important things for a person born under this sign. There is nothing a Libra wants more than to live in peace and harmony. The problem is that sometimes, in order to get to that end, they walk away from the truth.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote: “Sometimes the shoemaker goes without shoes.” It’s the same idea here. At times, the Libra can be so bent on achieving balance that in their pursuit of it, they miss the boat. Librans are also known for their ability to see all sides of a situation. The problem here is that because they can see every side of the situation, they have a hard time actually making a decision, and by the time they do so, it is often too late.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Take a piece of paper and write down your goals, then turn the paper over and write down what you are willing to give up to get to those goals.

Look at a situation in your life where you’ve questioned a past decision and your uncertainty is still impacting you today. See the value in your original decision and see how you can now keep moving forward.

External: Actions You Can Take

Confront a situation that you have been avoiding for fear of causing discord.

Make a decision without hemming and hawing! It doesn’t need to be life changing; it can be just a simple everyday decision. The point is to make the decision and be certain about it.

Help someone see all sides of a situation they may be struggling with. Sharing with them might help them make a more proactive decision.
Scorpio Day 8
March 28, 2015
With their powerful emotions and keen intuition, Scorpios have an incredible ability to “dive deep” into situations and into the unseen world. While this ability can make a Scorpio magnetic and intuitive, it can also make him or her prone to fears and jealousy.

Scorpio is controlled by Mars, a strong and determined planet whose energy grants Scorpios the capacity for incredible certainty. Even as children, they can be so driven that if you put them next to a wall, it’s as if they have the power to climb straight up it. At the same time, Mars also grants Scorpio a powerful desire for control, which can make them overbearing and oppressive in situations and relationships.

A Scorpio’s incredible strength is to stay on course and to achieve what they want to achieve—whatever the cost. The problem is that sometimes they don’t stop, no matter what that cost might be.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Today, meditate to fear less and love more, and through that loving, to let go of the need to control.

See where you might have a jealousy issue. Realize that the only punishment for jealousy is jealousy itself and try to redirect that negative energy into determining what proactive steps you might take to receive what it is that you want.

External: Actions you can take

Share one of your fears with another person. Face the fear so you can get rid of it.

Find a situation at home or work where you are controlling the people or the situation, then proactively give control to someone else.

Use your intuition to help someone else.
Sagittarius Day 9
March 29, 2015
Often described as lucky, people born under the sign of Sagittarius like to live on the edge. They also tend to find themselves counting on miracles because they are known to put off obligations till the very last minute. With their interest in learning things simply for the sake of learning, Sagittarians often have a hard time following through on what they have learned and finishing what they have started. At the same time, they love challenges and are very competitive—so competitive, in fact, that it can be difficult for them to bounce back after a perceived failure. Sagittarians are also infamous for their tactlessness and quick tongue, and they need to remember that even though they may not be particularly sensitive, other people are, and their careless words can sting.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Think of some situation where you believe you failed and see if the result of that situation is still impacting you today. If it is, identify at least one positive thing that came out of that failure.

Analyze a situation that is happening today in its entirety before you make a decision about what to do.

External: Actions You Can Take

Do something now that you would normally put off to the last minute: Tackle a project, make that phone call, write an email, have that awkward conversation, etc.

Before you say something, think about how the other person will receive it. Will they hear you? Will it help them? What good will come of it? After asking yourself these questions, think again about saying it.
Capricorn Day 10
March 30, 2015
Capricorn is considered the most materialistic of all the signs of the zodiac. Still, if Capricorns become spiritual, they can dissolve their materialism and transform it into spirituality and even psychic ability. This explains why Nostradamus and many other well-respected seers and psychics throughout the ages were born under this sign. This materialistic bent is also evident in how easy it is for Capricorns to become workaholics; in effect, their life is work.

The spiritual mission for Capricorns is transformation. In Hebrew, the Capricorn is described as kaved, which means “heavy.” On the other hand, the name of the month in Hebrew, Tevet, comes from the word tov, meaning “good.” So with the energy of Capricorn, we have the ability to fight and to overcome the negative “heavy” parts of our being and turn them into that which is positive and tov.

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Look at the areas of your life where you are completely attached to the physical world and figure out how to put the consciousness of sharing into them. For example, if you love your sports car, see how you could use it more often to share.

Find a way during the day to rely on spiritual tools, not a physical solution, to help you with a challenge.

External: Actions You Can Take

Express a positive emotion to someone you care about.

Use the constructive energy of Capricorn to help someone create order where they might see only chaos.

Use the hardworking energy of Capricorn and donate your time to volunteer on a project.

Aquarius Day 11
March 31, 2015
Perhaps the most obvious quality of Aquarians is that they love freedom and hate to be constrained. Aquarians are the type of people who might say, “I am who I am, and if you don’t like it…tough!” At the same time, however, their nature is to be philanthropic, to worry about the world, to be a part of humanitarian causes. The reason for this is that the Aquarian mind sees the big picture.

Family and interpersonal relationships can be problematic for Aquarians. While Aquarians love the world and believe in the concepts of brotherly love and understanding, they have difficulty in loving a single person because their mindset and scope are so broad and capable that they refuse to be restricted. Understanding the butterfly effect (that every action we do, whether positive or negative, affects the whole world on a cosmic level), however, can help Aquarians feel the importance of everyday interactions and the human dignity that we grant those people we see throughout the day.

The challenge of the day is to practice listening to and being present with those around us. This may seem counterintuitive to the vastness of Aquarian ideas, but in the long run, being attentive to others can be the key to helping us translate all of our brilliant thoughts into reality. Yes, we can have big ideas and big dreams. But if we can’t communicate those ideas and dreams to the people around us, if we can’t hear the messages that the universe is sending us all the time, then how can we expect to move forward to bring our dreams to reality?

Internal: Change Your Consciousness

Try to see a situation from another person’s point of view.

Focus on one person in your life whom you may have overlooked recently. Ask yourself why you did this and see what it does for the person if you give them more of your time and more energy.

External: Actions You Can Take

Find a way to be a team player and come up with a win/win situation through sharing.

Really listen to others, rather than immediately speaking your mind.

Focus on your immediate surroundings and on those people you interact with throughout the day. Find a way to share with them and, above all, to treat each one with human dignity.