Shema Israel-Sarit Hadad

Kshehalev boche rak Elohim shomea

Hake’ev ole mitoch haneshama

Adam nofel lifney shehu shoke’a

Bitfila ktana chotech et hadmama

Shma israel Elohai ata hakol yachol

Natata li et chayai natata li hakol

Be’enai dim’a halev boche besheket

Uchshelalev shotek haneshama zo’eket

Shma Israel Elohai achshav ani levad

Chazek oti Elohai ase shelo efchad

Hake’ev gadol ve’en lean livroach

Ase sheyigamer ki lo notar be ko’ach

Kshehalev boche hazman omed milechet

Ha’adam ro’e et kol chayav pitom

El halo noda hu lo rotze lalechet

Le’elohav kore al saf tehom
Shma Israel…..


When the heart cries only God hears

The pain rises from the soul

A man falls down before he sinks

He cuts the silence with a small prayer

Shma Israel, my God, you are the mighty one

You gave me my life you gave me everything

A tear in my eyes, the heart cries in silence

And when the heart is silent the soul cries out
Shma Israel, my God, I am all alone now

Make me strong, my God, so I will not be afraid

The pain is great and there is no where to run

Make it end, I don’t have any strength left
When the heart cries time stands still

A man sees his life passing in front of him

He doesn’t want to go to the unknown

He calls his God as he stands on the edge of the deep

Translator's note:
The song was written in 2000 after the brutal lynching of two reserve soldiers in Ramalla.